Friday, 3 July 2020

What Price Heritage?

Though a lover of Porsche cars since the Sixties, I've never been seriously tempted by a Porsche Design watch - the objects themselves always seeming to me just a bit characterless.

But that's not so with the recently-announced limited edition (of 992 pieces) 992 Targa Chronograph. There is much to like, particularly the caseback cover channeling of the re-interpretation of the Fuchs wheels which were such an attractive feature of the 911 and 914 in the Sixties/Seventies. You can have one of the watches if you're ready to hand over £10,650, and, oh yes, provided you're also a taker for the new Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition itself, which is a mere £136K!

Both look just fine to me, so enough of this blogging - some serious money-making activity is suddenly a priority!

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